Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing and Restoration

RJ Painting & Home Improvement provides the expertise and professionalism to refinish and restore hardwood flooring in homes all over metro Detroit.  Our team of experienced professionals work hard to bring the floor of your dreams to life.  Nothing compares to the natural warmth, beauty, and durability of wood.  RJ Painting & Home Improvement strives to adhere to the highest quality and customer service standards when working with our valued clients.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing FAQ

How long does is usually take to refinish hardwood floors?

Each hardwood flooring job is unique and many different factors come into play to determine the length of time to refinish hardwood floors.  On average, the process usually takes 3 days.  Each coat of polyurethane needs up to 24 hours to dry before another coat can be applied. If additional coats are needed, the area to be refinished is unusually large, or there is extreme cold weather or humidity, 1 or 2 additional days may be needed.

Will my house be covered in dust/residue after sanding the floors?

The sanding process does release a lot of dust into the area being worked on.  Our crew tries our best to alleviate this dust by using equipment that collects over 90% of the dust, covering the area to be sanded with plastic dropcloths, and vacuuming any excess dust after we are finished.  We will leave your home the way we found it.  During our final walk-through, we will ensure that we clean up any residual dust.

Do I have to leave my house while my floors are being refinished?

While it isn’t absolutely necessary to leave the house, we typically recommend our clients find other accommodations while we are working.  There is a noticeable odor that is emitted from the coating and stains that most people would not be willing to deal with.  More importantly, once the area has been coated, it needs to be undisturbed for 24 hours.  Unless you can navigate around the areas being refinished and not disturb them, it is recommended to stay out of the house.

How long before I can walk on my floors after they are finished?

A good rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours after the last coat of polyurethane is applied.  After 24 hours, it is usually safe to walk on the floors and start moving furniture back onto the wood flooring.  It is also recommended that the heating in the home be turned on and functioning as the polyurethane will not cure properly in the cold.

Hardwood Flooring Cost

The cost to refinish hardwood flooring varies greatly depending on the scope of the job.  Our professional team can evaluate your home in order to give you the most competitive prices.  The current condition of the floor and the amount of coats needed to complete the job are the two main factors that will determine the price.  Our current rates vary between $2.09 to $2.79 a square foot.  We provide the tools, the labor, and the supplies to get the job done.

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