For all your house painting needs – Best quality and service in St. Clair Shores!

RJ Painting & Home Improvement started in St. Clair Shores and takes a special pride in ensuring the best house painting services available to the area. Our staff ensures unparalleled customer service to every client no matter the size of the painting job.

RJ Painting & Home Improvement makes a commitment to provide quality workmanship on every job: no matter what your budget is, RJ Painting & Home Improvement will provide you with top-rate house painting services. These services extend to both interior house painting and exterior house painting. Other services are also available, so be sure to contact us about any of our other services.

Deciding on your home improvement project is made simple with our trusted and professional staff. We are ready to guide you through all steps of the process. You set the standards for the job and we create a workable timetable to finish it to your standards.

While working with the staff at RJ Painting & Home Improvement, you can feel confident that we will maintain the highest quality painting standards in professional painting.