In Clawson, expect outstanding results from our painting contractors!

The little city of Clawson is known for it’s tight-knit, ever-friendly community. RJ Painting & Home Improvement shares a similar outlook when it comes to dealing business: treat customers as part of our community.

RJ Painting & Home Improvement offers a variety of high-quality services including interior and exterior house painting as well as small-scale home improvements. Our friendly and professionals staff works with you through all stages of the project: from choosing the perfect paint color to laying the last piece of new tile flooring and everything in between, you can trust that the work is being done to your standards.

All of our workers bring a great deal of experience to your home improvement and painting projects. You expect outstanding results because we deliver outstanding results. The job isn’t finished until you believe the results are outstanding.

RJ Painting & Home Improvement know what it means to be part of a community. The trust, loyalty, and confidence it inspires is what drives our business to meet each and every one of your needs. Our outstanding work will leave you “standing out” in your community.